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Whether you crave moments over mountains (we’re especially big fans of both together and all the adventuring with our couples) or vice versa, we believe your wedding film is a really big deal.

It’s not something that should be taken lightly or decided on last minute. This is a valuable investment which will only increase over time.

We want these memories to move you and your person for decades to come. During the good and the bad times (especially the bad times). We want your story to be a constant reminder of why you said “I do”. It needs to be something you watch more than just a few times a year, or on your anniversary. Something to leave behind and inspire your grandchildren and their grandchildren. How exciting would that be?

We want your wedding film to help you remember. To remember how it felt to laugh so hard with your bridesmaids. How groomsmen just can’t seem to show up on time or put together (we get it fellas, we’re right there with you). To write down the vows you’d later declare to your person, as you stand hand in hand at the alter. The anticipation that set in just moments before a big reveal. To see yourselves surrounded by the love and support of your closest friends and family. Those first few calm moments together alone embracing that you really just did the dang thing. The smiling faces that light up the dance floor as you celebrate the night away.

As storytellers, these are just a few of the many feelings we want you to remember from your wedding day. Capturing your most authentic thoughts, expressions and emotions while documenting your sincerest love for one another is what excites us the most.

We uniquely handcraft each and every story with intention. We create our best stories by getting to know your storyIt’s not uncommon for us to hang with our couples well before their wedding day and long after it’s gone. Nights out, coffee dates and adventuring all over the place, you name it. We’re all about creating these vibes with you. We also love celebrating anniversaries as the years go by. We value the relationships we’ve built and never want to feel like just another vendor for you to check off your list. And we definitely never want you to feel like just another wedding on our calendar. 

Your story is super important to us because it’s yours and no one else’s. Near or far, we’re over here (most likely at a wedding, or just finishing up a very long editing session on another great film // gallery) and beyond ready to meet you. For couples residing outside of our hometown of Louisville, Kentucky, travel is no big deal for us. Not one bit. In fact, the further the commute, the more fun the adventure is. We’ve traveled all over the country for weddings (many in California, Colorado, Virginia + Florida) and soon get to document some really exciting upcoming international weddings // elopements!

Roast up a favorite cup of coffee or tea with your person, snuggle in and lose track of time with a few of our favorite love stories.


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As storytellers with a burning desire to handcraft stories unique as the couples themselves, we can only hope that our stories connect with you on a personal level. If you would like to view more of our latest work, please click the link below.