We're Dave & Jeff,

Two buddies that came together around five years ago with a strikingly similar passion for photography // filmmaking (while we were both personal trainers at the time) and the vision to tell captivating stories, time after time. We got hooked on weddings and there was simply no turning back for us. We truly believe there is nothing greater in this world than a powerful story. We’re not real big fans of being titled as just “wedding photographers // videographers”, because we strive to be SO much more than that.



We want what we do to be all about the entire experience. From the day we meet, connect, laugh and get really excited for your wedding day. Throughout the planning process where everything starts to come together (trust us, we know how to make this part much more enjoyable). And ultimately, when the big day goes down and every sincere moment is documented with love. You may now be asking yourselves, “well what about our gallery and/or film?” Delivering your memories is such a pivotal component to why we do what we do, but it’s only a small fraction of what we aim to provide you with.

And once you’ve received the story of a lifetime that we’ve worked so very hard and diligently to create, we’d like to remind you right now that your journey with us doesn’t end there. We strive to stay in contact with our couples after their wedding has come and gone (because let’s face it, we love to see you grow and evolve over the years, together) and find ourselves hangin’ with so many of them still to this day. Dinner + drinks? Sporting events? Pups in the park, anyone?! We want the bond we create with y’all to be unbreakable, because after all, you are spending a lot of time with us during this experience. Let’s just become the best of friends and rock out to this epic moment in time!



When not diving into the creation of another mesmerizing story…Dave is all about geeking out with some video games, Game of Thrones and lazy Sundays with his lovely girlfriend Kaela + their German Shepherd, Gunny. Jeff is an avid sports fan, band member and all about getting a good workout in at the gym. You’ll also find him spending a lot of time with his girlfriend + their dog Stella, too. If you’d like to learn a little bit more about us, please head on over to our “get to know us” page located in our menu!

We’ll have many more fun details about us coming soon, right after we finish a few more stories! 🙂

Check out some of our latest adventure films below!

Adventures in Germany + Prague

Ireland / 2019