Choosing a wedding photography // filmmaking team should be such a pivotal component to your planning process. It should also be a fun time – after all, it’s how you’ll remember this special day for the rest of your lives. To be fully transparent (and make your decision easier), we have provided a list of the questions we are asked about most often. Please read through these, and if there are still questions you have for us, don’t hesitate to reach out anytime!


Is the reservation fee/deposit refundable?

The reservation fee/deposit is unfortunately non refundable. However, in the event that you need to reschedule your current wedding date, we will gladly transfer your deposit to a newly selected wedding date as long as we are available (transfer fee applies).

Is this your full time profession?

It is! We are a full time wedding photography // filmmaking team, and only take on a limited amount of weddings per calendar year. This allows us to deliver our couples a photography gallery and/or film with the utmost of quality and professionalism. We want to fully be there for our couples and know that quality over quantity wins every single time.

What is the average investment for couples wanting you to film their wedding?

Here in Louisville, Kentucky where we’re based, our collections begin at $4,000. A couples average investment locally is between $5,000 - $8,500. A majority of our couples decide to add on many items before or after the wedding to create the package that suits them best.

Will your rates be the same a few months from now?

We can’t promise that our rates will be the same if you decide to wait on booking us. Thankfully our business has flourished to such a degree that we have to raise our prices often to reflect changes in supply and demand. If you feel that we’re a great fit and have your heart set on booking us, we highly recommend reaching out to us today and securing your date on our calendar.

Do you travel?

Of course! We live for travel and will go anywhere there's a great love story to be told. We classify as ourselves as Destination Wedding Photographers // Filmmakers, because over half of our weddings each year take place outside of our hometown here in Louisville, KY. We have captured MANY weddings in California, Florida, Virginia, Colorado, Virginia, Ohio, Indiana and now have upcoming 2020 weddings in Denmark and Ireland (and who knows where else).

How many weddings do you shoot per year?

To ensure we perform at our best and always produce professional work we are proud of, we set a healthy limit of weddings to 15 per season. We’ve learned that this is our sweet spot and allows us to give our couples and their film the amount of attention they deserve.

Do you back up our footage and/or photos?

Absolutely! Before we even leave your wedding day we’re already archiving the first copy of your footage/photos on what’s called a GnarBox. It’s a portable (and super trusty) SSD. We then produce two more copies when we arrive home. One stored locally and another in our Cloud Based System. This ensures that we’ll always have multiple copies of your footage/photos stored for up to one year after the wedding date.

What's your shooting style for a wedding?

Just as two wedding days will never play out the exact same way, we have a very adaptive style for both our photo and film offerings. While we are very carefree and candid storytellers, we completely understand the importance of capturing all your traditional portraits for photography. These are the moments you'll want to print and hang all around the house with your growing family. But hey, we love nothing more than having 10-15 minutes of really great fun with our couples on their special day, too. The moments where we go escape from the party, run around and get lost in the adventure of their love for one another. The moments of happy tears, dancing underneath the stars (or in the rain) and holding each other so tightly. These are truly the best of times!

As we capture mostly all of our couples engagement sessions (and adventure sessions for film), these really give us a feel for what to expect by the time their wedding day arrives. It gives us a great chance to connect, figure out what poses work (and what don't) and learn as much as possible about their relationship.

With filmmaking, we direct and pose as little as possible. While we have a very cinematic approach to our stories, we're looking for the in between moments. The ones where we catch the bride off guard laughing so hard from something her groom just whispered in her ear, the flower girl being cute as possible, the dialogue from those precious first looks and just the overall vibe of the couples wedding day. At the end of the day, we're looking to create a story that is truthful and authentic to our couples relationship. Think of us like wedding guests you've known for as long as you can remember. We fortunately just have cameras with us everywhere to capture it all!

Do you book by the hour?

Our collections begin with 7 hours of coverage for both our photo + film services, as we work quickly and always know the key elements we're searching for to tell your story.

*Additional hours are available if you'd like us to stick around, however!

Do you offer additional films?

While we offer our Story-Driven Heirloom, we also provide Instagram Sneak Peeks and a Documentary Film (includes full ceremony, toasts and formal dances in their entirety). These are great additional add ons for couples wanting to see even more coverage from their wedding day.

*Please contact us to see what other additional services we provide!

Can I select the music for my wedding film?

Music selection is a tricky subject and something that we take very seriously. It's such a huge component to pulling the emotion out of our viewers and we just know when we've selected the perfect score for a couples story. Because our stories are shared online, we must purchase licenses for each, individual track we decide to use in a film. This keeps our post production process entirely legal and professional.

For these reasons, we do not allow song selection from our clients, unless you happen to be a musician or have a really great score in mind that we believe would be similar to our own selection.

We would love to have our wedding photos printed. Do you have any suggestions?

Absolutely! We use a service called Pic - Time and love it. When we deliver your wedding gallery, It provides the option to select any photos you'd like to print, make a list and submit it. It's that simple. You can print album books, canvas prints + so many more exciting options all at the click of a button!

Can I purchase the RAW footage?

You can! While our Story-Driven Heirloom incorporates what we feel are the most significant moments from your wedding day, there’s always so much more to see that we unfortunately can’t fit within the run time of this film. We highly recommend this add on, as well as our Documentary Film.

What gear do you currently work with? What about drones?

We jumped over to all Sony camera systems about three years ago and have never looked back. They've greatly assisted us in creating a style that is uniquely ours. For photography we always have two Sony A7iii's on our hips (with backups in our bags just in case). For the wedding days we provide film, we always have four Sony A7iii's, two Sony A6400's, two Sony A6500's and a few other backup cameras for additional ceremony angles. We shoot on top of the line lenses, professional audio equipment and a variety of gimbals and stabilizers to provide only the most professional video footage we can.

We're currently flying on DJI's latest drone, the Mavic 2 Pro and simply love what we've captured with it thus far. We're legally certified and always have drones in our arsenal, because we love nothing more than capturing beautiful story elements from the skies. As long as the weather is good and we're allowed to fly in the area of your wedding, we will!

Do you shoot extra days besides just our wedding?

Yes, and we absolutely love having more time than just the wedding day to tell our couples stories. These are what we call our “Adventure Sessions”. Want to cozy up with your person for a low key vibe? Cool! Want to adventure all around and get wild with us? Great! These can be whatever you’d like them to be and change the pace of your story so much!

When will I receive my wedding gallery or film?

By choosing to only take on a limited amount of weddings each year, this provides us with the opportunity to focus more of our time and attention to each couples story, in turn allowing much more creative freedom during the process of post production. We know that often times our couples are anxiously waiting to view their gallery and/or film (and believe us, we're so anxious to deliver all of them). Wedding Photography Galleries will be delivered within 16 weeks from the wedding date. Wedding films will be delivered within 7 months (it's usually much sooner than this, except for weddings during our peak season months of September - November) from the wedding date. We take great pride in the fact that we will never rush ANY product out the door. Our galleries and films are all uniquely handcrafted with love, care and the utmost attention to detail.

We always ensure that you will not be left in the dark during the process as we consistently send out email updates providing the current status of our yearly workflow.

You're a great fit for us, how do we book you?

We're really pumped to hear that! The first step is to read through our brochure(s) we send over to you. Once you've made a selection of the offerings that are most important to you, please send an email back over to us with this selection included. We will then create and send a custom proposal over so that you can review the document, sign the contract and pay the deposit for our services.

*We confirm your wedding date with a 50% deposit (the remaining balance to be paid 30 days before the wedding date) and a signed contract from both parties. Next, we would love to schedule a meeting to go over all of your exciting wedding day details. For couple's out of state, we love nothing more than a good Skype or FaceTime session to get to know you on a more personal level. After this process, we strive to stay in consistent communication (for any slight changes in plans, extra details or special moments you'd like documented) with you up until the wedding date!