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Is this your full time profession?

It is! We specialize in wedding photography + cinematography and only take on a limited amount of weddings per calendar year. This allows us to deliver our couples a photography gallery and/or film with the utmost of quality + professionalism. We want to be there for our couples + over the years we've learned that quality over quantity wins, every single time.

How much do your services cost?

As rates vary by collection, please inquire with us to receive a brochure displaying our current rates. To ensure we're a great fit for you + your spouse, please send us an email via our contact page, or call us anytime at 1-502-627-0469 for more information.


By choosing to only take on a limited amount of weddings each year, this provides us with the opportunity to focus more of our time + attention to each couples story, in turn allowing much more creative freedom during the process of post production. We know that often times our couples are anxiously waiting to view their films + by limiting the amount of weddings we take on per calendar year helps speed up our overall workflow + attention to detail. Wedding Photography Galleries will be delivered within 16 weeks from the wedding date. Wedding films will generally be delivered 5-6 months after a wedding.

We always ensure that you will not be left in the dark during the process as we consistently send out email updates providing the current status of our yearly workflow.

What is the process of your films from start to finish?

We wish this were an easy question to answer, but unfortunately it's not. Our process is very detailed so we often tell our couples, you hired a professional so sit back, enjoy your wedding day and we'll take care of the rest! The only simplified answer we can provide in relation to this question is that from start to finish, our collections require 70-80 hours of production to complete. There's so much that goes on behind the scenes that we typically just try to leave it at that, "behind the scenes".

Do you travel? If so, what additional fees are included?

Of course! We live for travel and never turn down the opportunity to document our wonderful couples in the most exotic and adventurous landmarks. We'll go anywhere there's a great love story to be told + ensure every moment is captured with the utmost of care.

*All travel expenses vary by location. Please contact us for more information!

How would you describe your style of wedding films?

As we're both huge film buffs + love a great story, we work endlessly to create a truly cinematic + handcrafted experience for each of our couples. Sometimes we use a lot of dialogue to help tell the story, sometimes we choose a little less and focus on reactionary moments that transpire in the blink of an eye. As artists, the beauty of our work is that we never know how a final production will turn out until it's complete. What we do know however is that we absolutely LOVE couples who open up to us on their wedding day, allowing a few good minutes of beautiful, intimate moments to be captured on film. This in turn helps us create the most accurate story of the couples relationship we can.

Do you book by the hour?

Our collections begin with 8 hours of coverage as we work quickly + always know exactly what we're going for.

*Additional hours are available if you'd like us to stick around, however!

Do you offer additional films?

While we offer our Highlight Film, we also provide Instagram Sneak Peeks + a Ceremonial // Speeches Film. These are great additional add ons for couples wanting to see even more coverage from their wedding day.

*Please contact us to see what other additional services we provide!

Can I select the music for my wedding film?

Music selection is a tricky subject + something that we take very seriously. It's such a huge component to pulling the emotion out of our viewers + we just know when we've selected the perfect score for a couples story. Because our stories are shared online, we must purchase licenses for each, individual track we decide to use in a film. This keeps our post production process entirely legal + professional.

For these reasons, we do not allow song selection from our clients, unless you happen to be a musician or have a really great score in mind that we believe would be similar to our own selection.

We prefer beautiful, candid moments of us in our film. Are you going to direct us?

The direction we give to our couples is very minimal with just a few shots possibly staged throughout the day. Because we typically meet all of our couples well in advance + stay in consistent communication up until the day of your wedding, by the time filming has begun we all feel welcomed and comfortable around each other. Some of the best moments we've ever captured of our couple's on film have been spur of the moment, everyone laughing and having a great time. Those are the beautiful + authentic moments you never get back.

Can I purchase the RAW footage?

While we no longer offer a RAW footage add on, for couples wanting to view even more of their wedding day memories, we highly suggest purchasing our Ceremonial // Speeches Film.

Can I purchase DVD's, Blu Ray Disc's or USB's at a later date?

While we no longer offer DVD's or Blu Ray Disc's, we do provide Keepsake USB Wooden Boxes which are beautiful + include all films.
*Additional Fee for Keepsake USB Wooden Box.

You're a great fit for us, how do we start the booking process?

We're completely honored to hear that you trust in our vision of providing you + your spouse with a beautiful wedding photography gallery and/or film. We know how precious these moments truly are + you'll cherish them with friends and family for a lifetime to come. The first step is to submit this brochure back to us so that we can know what services you're most interested in. We will then send our proposal over so that you can review the document, sign the contract + pay the deposit for our services.

*We confirm your wedding date with a 50% deposit (the remaining balance to be paid 30 days before the wedding date) + a signed contract from both parties. Next, we would love to schedule a meeting to go over all of your exciting wedding day details. For couple's out of state, we love nothing more than a good Skype or FaceTime session to get to know you on a more personal level. After this process, we strive to stay in consistent communication (for any slight changes in plans, extra details or special moments you'd like documented) with you up until the wedding date!