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Strolling through the streets of Downtown Lexington, KY, getting lost in the gardens & finishing things off with a perfectly roasted cup of coffee. This was the theme of Cassie & Jason’s engagement session and we had the greatest of times hanging with them & learning all about their story. We originally met this wonderful couple when we had the pleasure of serving Jason’s sister Lauren at her wedding last summer (it was incredible & you should go check out her & Cam’s film), and we’ve been eager to discover more about how they became a couple.

We had the opportunity to begin this exciting session where it all started for these two. A fun night out with a group of friends at a local downtown bar called Centro and the rest was history (make sure you check out the portrait of the two of them at the corner of the bar, as this was their official meeting spot). From Centro, through the galleries of 21C Museum & Hotel & all around the city to what felt like a whirlwind of locations, we had the chance to capture it all.

Upon frolicking around downtown, we ended up at Michler’s Florist (which is a photographers dream come true as it’s filled with beautiful colors & shades which our lenses captured so well) to document a few additional intimate moments before our bodies were all craving a nice cup of coffee & discussing more details of their upcoming wedding. This led us to a very unique coffee/bike shop called Broomwagon (Bikes + Coffee + Beer + Food). Let’s just say this spot is the jam and we’ll be going back ASAP. Make sure to check them out if you’re in the Lexington area!

Cassie & Jason,

It has been such a pleasure getting to know you two and we’re beyond thrilled you’ve selected us to capture the official photo + cinema on your special day. You’re a dream come true couple for us and we look forward to hanging with y’all many times before & after your special day (and on your wedding day too of course 😉)!

With love,
Woodland & Ivory